The company PROYECTO INVERSION OCOTAL P I O SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, corporate card number 3-101-337370, (from there on out referred to as “PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO”), for the purposes of the provisions of Law on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Personal Data Processing and its Regulations, informs the user (from here on out referred to as “User”) taht the personal data they enter, as well as those collected on the website shall be stored in a database (from here on out referred to as the “Data”). The User agrees that the Data can be used in accordance with the terms described in this consent and consents to the scope of what is herein accepted by blicking in the box with the legend “I have read the privacy policy, I agree with it and give my consent for my personal data processing”, which is found on the same page of the form through which the Data is collected. PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO shall collect and process the User's Data, accodringly, when the User accepts this consent, they state to be fully aware that the data provided shall be included in a database whose owner and/or administrator is PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO or any company in the PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO's economic interest group. The aim of the Data is mainly for commercial prospecting purposes, sending information related to discounts, promotions and offers from PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO, and offering different products, courses, classes and/or participating in referral programs, activities or promotional events from PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO. PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO may also offer products or services from other companies in the same economic interest group. The Data may be used by PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO, its employees, subsidiaries, dealers of its agencies, supliers, as well as related companies. The information and Data collected by PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO shall be processed with absolute privacy, confidentiality and security, as stipulated by current and appicable legislation on the subject within the Republic of Costa Rica. The granting of this consent is voluntary and the only consequence of not providing the data, denying consent or revoking consent shall be the impossibility for PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO to contact the User by any means and, as a result, this individual cannot participate in their programs. Additionally, PROYECTO AZUL PARAÍSO is authorized to transfer the Data (even outside Costa Rica) without requiring any additional consent, as well as to store it outside of Costa Rica. Acceptance of this consent is optional. Finally, to exercise the rights of access, rectification, suppresion and revocation, as well as any other right that the User, owner or interested party may have, the individual may contact us by telephone at (506) 2670-0486. or by e-mail at